About the Canned Fire Team

Our materials have been developed specifically for the Volunteer Services and proven successful in the field. As for us, well, we’re some of you.

Our president is a 30-year advertising and marketing professional (and former EMT) who has been working on Volunteer recruitment and retention projects for over a decade. Our Advisory Board includes Ex-Chiefs and long-time Volunteers and all of our program consultants are emergency service volunteers with real-world experience in their areas of expertise.

Giving back to our community:

Our pricing is positioned far below typical industry charges for the same services and 5% of all gross profits go directly to the non-profit arm of Rockland County’s Emergency Services to assist in their ongoing recruitment needs.

Our Team:

Steven Powell

Steve is a thirty-year marketing veteran with a long history of involvement in Emergency Services. A one-time EMT, Steve has spearheaded recruitment and retention campaigns for Rockland County’s Volunteer Firefighter services since 2001. He is the creator of the We’re The Ones campaigns and promotions and, most recently, produced and directed a series of documentary films and commercials promoting volunteerism. Three years into the program, there is a backed up waiting list to attend the county’s firefighter certification classes.

Tahlaad Mahboeb

Tahlaad has been an active Volunteer Firefighter for nearly a decade and has been involved in Recruitment & Retention efforts since 2010. His background includes an impressive portfolio of video projects and he served as the Line Producer for all of the We’re The Ones documentary videos and commercials.

Frank Hutton

In addition to being a Volunteer Firefighter with 38 years of active service, Frank has played an integral part in Rockland County’s recruitment and retention committee (The Committee to Promote Volunteerism in Rockland County Emergency Services, Inc.) since its inception, serving as its president since 2003. He was the chief architect behind the county’s successful application for its $1.1 million SAFER Grant in 2010 and advised FASNY (Fire Association of the State of New York) in its recently successful application for its $2.4 million grant through service on the organization’s statewide R&R committee.

We were elated when Frank agreed to sit on our Board of Advisers and directly oversee the non-profit portion of our operations.