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Running (and maintaining) a business is…well…it’s hard. We know.

We’re All About Solutions

Business is full of challenges. Big ones, little ones, fun ones and not-so-fun ones. When it comes to the challenge of business communications, sPA is full of answers. From print and video to web sites and SEO, our senior-level creative, production, research and digital marketing veterans deliver BIG IDEAS every day.

Below are some examples of challenges brought to us by past and present clients — and our solutions for their ultimate success.

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R.C. Volunteer Firefighters

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Volunteer Firefighter recruitment at an all time low jeopardizes Rockland County.


BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Store Buyers demand high-end branding, packaging & web site product support.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Parking numbers down due to attrition and lack of any serious marketing in years.

Valley Health & Hyperbarics

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Pediatric specialty practice needs branding and materials to explain their unique niche services.


BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Electronic security company needs a sophisticated brand to compete on RFPs with the big firms.

NextStepDMS Software

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Motorcycle Dealers closing their doors. Bad news for Dealer Management Software.

Aviation Software, Inc.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Airline software company perceived as too small in the aviation marketplace.

Futrfab, Inc.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Start-up Technology Company’s fund-raising hindered by lack of polish and messaging.

Yang Ming Line

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Growth from family business to international competitor places new demands on shipping line.

Ranni Law Firm

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Attorney launching new brand and practice finds clients’ demands have changed.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Regional start-up business struggles to explain their niche services to the public.

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