Client Testimonials

“Judge the competency of a business by what its customers say; rather than what they say of themselves.”

Richard Branson —

NYNJ Port Authority –
ABM Parking Services

“The Port Authority of NY/NJ parks millions of cars a year at its metropolitan airports and marketing these facilities to the public is no small task.

There’s nothing like having an experienced creative communications department at your finger tips to translate ideas and strategic needs into professionally executed campaigns that are noticed and remembered.

SPA gives me a dedicated team for almost any situation. They make juggling numerous projects and dozens of deadlines look effortless – and the end results are always stellar.”

Gail Rosen, Marketing Director
PANYNJ/ABM Parking Services

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Rockland County Emergency Responders

R.C. Volunteer Firefighters “With a force of over 3,000 men and women, recruitment is key to maintaining a strong service. Steve Powell has been a valued member of our Recruitment Committee since 2002 and has shown an incredible responsiveness to our needs in every facet of our operations.

In fact, as a direct result of the Canned Fire R&R Program he created, our recruitment numbers for firefighters in Rockland County almost doubled (192%) and resulted in an unprecedented waiting list for training.”

Frank Hutton, President
Committee for Volunteerism in Rockland County Emergency Services, Inc.

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Ranni Law Firm — Elder & Disability Law Center

Ranni Law Firm Icon “sPowell Associates, and particularly Steve, have serviced the needs of my law firm from the time I was a sole practitioner with an assistant to the development of the Elder & Disability Law Center.

Being a lawyer with minimal artistic abilities or marketing knowledge, I had no idea of the importance of design, color, message or their presentation – let alone a realistic marketing program. While that program was initially branding, stationary and business cards — it grew to brochures, web site, expo materials – and ultimately to newspaper and television.

There is little question the growth of my firm is directly related to the support sPA has provided through the years. Thank you.”

Joseph Ranni, President
Ranni Law Firm

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Futrfab, Inc. — Manufacturing Start-up

Futrfab, Inc.“Having Steve and his people support our company brings the equivalent of a top tier creative marketing executive and staff. We have benefited greatly from his unparalleled creative sense, exceptional focus on quality and broad and extensive background.

Our company is rooted in the highly complex Integrated Circuit industry. By conceiving, producing and implementing a strategic, branded marketing program, Steve was able to capture the key messages from the complex subject matter and creatively position our print, electronic media and sales presentations to best communicate our vision and offerings.”

Dr. Fred Flitsch, President
Futrfab, Inc.

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Hudson Valley Technology Development Center

“Steve worked with us extensively to develop our new brand and positioning statements, consulting with our entire sales force in a truly interactive process that made everybody feel ownership. When it came to our marketing messages, they found just the right mix of statements to communicate exactly what we knew we wanted to say, but in a surprisingly new way. The new tag line, “Innovation Through Applied Common Sense” is just brilliant – and the logo, graphics and materials are modern, upbeat and memorable, while still maintaining a strong professional presence. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Phyllis Levine, Director of Marketing
Hudson Valley Technology Development Center

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Aviation Software Group

Aviation Software, Inc.“Steven Powell’s branding efforts have revitalized our company and focused our software into manageable, understandable product offerings. Not an easy thing to do with over 500 custom solutions.

Steve has an eye for design unequaled in my experience and his responsiveness to our needs is second to none. We expect to be doing business with this company for many years to come.”

Gail Rosen, VP of Operations
Aviation Software Group, Inc.

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KDF Reprographics

“I want to thank you for the marketing consulting work you recently completed for KDF. We have implemented a number of the techniques you recommended, have generated REAL new business and as of the writing of this letter we have well exceeded in PROFIT the cost of your service. The clear outline of our marketing plan is extremely helpful and is now our map for moving forward.

I highly recommend your service to those who feel “lost” when it comes to marketing or those who just need help creating an effective plan. You are extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and above all you have a gift for marketing and creativity that shows in everything you do. Keep it up!!

Stephen Hoey, President
KDF Reprographics
Yang Ming Line

Yang Ming Line“As the sole creative sources for Yang Ming (America) Corporation’s U.S. advertising and marketing efforts since the mid-eighties, Steve and Sandy have helped Yang Ming Lines grow from a small 6-ship company to an international force of 97+ container ships servicing Asia, Europe, North & South America and Australia.

They have consistently delivered superior creativity, on or below budget, on-time or earlier, for all of my clients for years. The diverse experience set they deliver will benefit any company out there – at any level. They will quickly become a knowledgeable, trusted and integral creative resource for you—as they have for me.”

Pat Kelly, President
Kelly Media Associates, Inc.

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Scotts Lawn Service

Scotts Lawn Service - Direct Mail Post Card“Just thought I’d give you an update…thanks to you, this year’s revenue has already matched last year. The postcard series and online newsletter are working, they are a hit, and we have only rolled out the first 3 in the series!

As you know, roughly 20% of our customers quit every off season (industry standard is 30%). So, that means we’ve already made up that lost revenue for the year and we still have another 6 months in the selling season to grow.

Even more amazing; corporate likes everything you implemented for us, and they usually don’t like anything out of the box.”

Bryan Ensall, Franchise Owner
Scotts Lawn Service

WVT Communications

“In our first joint efforts, Steve’s campaign work increased our weekly video “take rates” by nearly 130%! Like most independent telephone companies, we have numerous marketing tasks and goals. he helped us crystallize and focus those goals and recommended a course of action that came at our needs from several angles.

Steve combines a unique design eye with well thought out concepts and branding initiatives. His creativity and attention to detail offers me a complete package. That’s what I want in my marketing resource. Bottom line, sPA’s marketing materials worked for WVT!”

Jean Beattie, Marketing Manager
WVT Communications

“At a time when nearly 35% of motorcycle dealerships closed their doors forever and our software customers were shrinking at an alarming rate, [sPA] rebranded our company and product line, completely revamped our sales messages and rebuilt our sales materials from the ground up.

We look and feel like a modern, state-of-the-art software company again and our new sales materials and presentations helped us pick up enough new licensees to maintain our status quo.

Scary times. Great marketing results.”

Jay Hubelbank, Partner & Sales Director

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