Sizzle By Design

This series of 20-24 minute videos features two ‘battle-scarred’ marketing professionals, Steven Powell and Edison Guzman — offering advice and techniques in staging, planning and implementing effective marketing programs for today’s small businesses.

SSteven Powellteven Powell brings decades of industry experience to graphic design, art direction, copy writing and illustration and presenting in both print and digital mediums. He approaches all marketing and sales decisions from a branding and motivational perspective.

Edison GuzmanEdison Guzman contributes more of a technical analysis of internet and digital marketing techniques to compliment his decades of marketing industry experience. There’s no digital tool he can’t intellectually take apart, analyze and find profitable ways to utilize.

Presented videos touch on topics like branding, advertising, marketing, digital marketing, and selling in person — to drive business growth through sizzling-ly successful marketing initiatives.

Click on each link in order to watch the videos in the order we shot them – or just click on your title of interest.