Do people understand how special your product or service is?
Do you wish you had longer to tell the whole story?

This page contains video projects not intended for television.
Content is in varied lengths as needed for the various mediums.
For Television spots, please click here.

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Product Video
Futrfab, Inc.

sPA - Futrfab Inset

Start-up Technology Manufacturing Process. Videos are of varied lengths and subjects.

Product Video
Apple Spoof
Trade Show Videos

sPA - Trade Shows

Trade show videos are a different animal and need to stand the test of time by looping over and over again throughout the exhibition.

AAA Umbrellas

The short version. Originally created as an 8 minute story telling segment for looping at trade shows. This is the shorter version — edited down for web site and YouTube.


Created as an 8 minute video clip for looping at trade shows. Also utilized as much shorter clips for web and varied uses.

RCFD Documentaries

Documentary styled recruitment videos for Rockland County’s Volunteer First Responders. Each video is a stand alone piece of 24 minutes in length. These videos were created for trade shows and school presentations. Also utilized on web site in smaller clips.

Pike County PCFD

Image to Come.

Training Center