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If You Can Think It. . .

Situation: Aviation Software, Inc. (ASI) began its history in the 1970s creating management and operational software to the airline industry, but had broadened its scope through the years to include solutions spanning all facets of the transportation and logistics industries. To date, ASI has deployed over 1,500 proprietary software modules around the globe, but was still being perceived as a one-industry solutions provider.

Challenge: The company was sorely in need of new branding that would represent them as a leading independent applications supplier to numerous industries without divorcing themselves from their roots. Additionally, with more than 50 customizable legacy products, the company needed a structured presentation for its product lines that would help explain their vast array of offerings and how they applied to real-world industry needs.

Solution: To eliminate confusion, the company rebranded itself as ASI Group and incorporated a new logo emblem and graphic identity that allowed them to spread their corporate ‘wings’ while continuing to embrace their core market. Utilization of arrows and ‘speed’ lines helped embrace their history while projecting a crisper, more modern corporate look and feel.

To unify its offerings into one memorable brand, products were renamed to describe their solution categories and sub-branded with similar graphic treatments. The effort included a complete restructuring of sales literature to help customers understand both their similarities and wide array of functions.

To explain its library of software modules, the company’s redesigned web site and sales literature feature a quote from VP of Operations, Gail Rosen. “If our clients can think it, we can find ways to design and implement it.” This serves as an effective bridge to ASI’s new tag line, “If you can think it…”

Result: ASI Group’s new branding has revitalized the company’s market perception, helping them to ‘spread their wings’ to otherwise unrealized targets. The new image has also invigorated ASI employees who say they now feel part of a modern and cutting edge software company.

“Canned Fire’s branding efforts have revitalized our company and focused our software into manageable, understandable product offerings. Steve has an eye for design unequalled in my experience and his responsiveness to our needs is second to none. We expect to be doing business with this company for many years to come.”

Gail Rosen, VP Operations
Aviation Software Group, Inc.

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