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Situation: Majestic Drug Company has a 65+ year history that continues today as a manufacturer and distributor of, primarily, over the counter dental products – such as dental cement, flossing tools and denture repair kits. Their goods are carried nationally in most of the big chains such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, et al.

To make room for new corporate ventures, Majestic wished to sub-brand its dental products under the new name, Dentist On Call and update its packaging and advertising accordingly.

Challenge: An emblem was needed to easily identify and define the new brand. The new image needed to communicate to a demographically diverse range of consumers – and the newly designed line of more than a dozen existing products had to project a unified look and feel – without disrupting present consumer followers.

Solution: After exploration of a number of concepts, DOC’s emblem emerged in the shape of a traditional drug store sign in black, offset by a bold, modernistic logo type in white or yellow. The beveled art ‘stands’ well on packages, the web site and in advertising. Product packages were color coded, following a unified template for look and feel. To further reinforce branding, all product names utilized the logo type font in white on black placards.

A teaser campaign was unveiled to chain buyers at the season’s two EXPO events – with the full re-branding accomplished as time and supply needs unfolded. The new packages are colorful, modern looking and designed to jump off the shelves. Store Buyers have been pleased with both the colorful new look and the product ‘block’ it established.

Majestic’s e-commerce web site was redesigned, categorizing products into four sub-categories; Dental Repair, Denture Repair, Dental Health and Personal Care. This allowed for prominent exposure of the DOC brand, while still offering other products under the Majestic label.

Result: Dentist On Call now has a graphically strong brand identity with a brand-blocked line of colorful products, an attractive and efficient web site, distinctive advertising and support materials, and a new attitude to accompany it.

Note: The Dentist On Call brand and product line was acquired in 2018. Guess we did something right.

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