Canned Fire: Recruitment & Retention

We are primarily a creative communications and marketing consulting firm and it’s precisely those skills we’ve translated into the Recruitment & Retention of Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Personnel.

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A proactive creative services firm whose principal contributors don’t just talk-the-talk, but actually walk-the-walk.

Steven PowellIn 2001, a talented, dashingly handsome, award-winning NYC Creative Director — [ahem…that would be me.] — sick to death of his 15 years’ daily commute and ‘big-agency’ mind-set — had an epiphany.

Wouldn’t it be an incredible gig to work locally in The Hudson Valley, and not waste hours every week commuting? And, wouldn’t it be just—well—awesome to work at a ‘creative’ firm where every client was treated with equal care, attention to detail and dedication?

No inflated billing procedures; No tiers of talent for different clients; No jockeying for media commissions. Just great ‘creative’ — delivering targeted, brand enhancing messages to select targeted audiences. What a concept!

Our brilliant entrepreneur — [again, …me.] — knew he was on to something big.

And, so it began. I officially hung up my ‘country gentleman’ shingle and assured my wife we’d be okay. Eventually, I believed it myself. Now, 15 years after that talented, dashingly handsome, award-winning NYC Creative Director – [yep, …you know who.] — left a good job in the city, I’m proud to say that we’ve stayed true to our vision.

We’re definitely not perfect. But when we make recommendations or offer up solutions, you can be sure they’re creative, well thought out, arrived at through professional experience and insights, and have your best interests at heart.

Steven Powell
President, Creative Director & Janitor

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You bring the steak; we’ll create the sizzle.