About Our Recruitment and Retention Campaigns

Just 50 miles north of the World Trade Center disaster, Rockland County, NY is one of the few counties in the country remaining all-volunteer. With 26 companies operating 41 stations made up of over 3,000 volunteer responders and support personnel, it’s no small task to stay properly manned.

Through the auspices of a Federal S.A.F.E.R. Grant, Rockland’s Recruitment & Retention committee, working with a veteran marketing professional and former EMS responder, crafted a multi-faceted campaign to make their recruitment and retention messages resonate and help keep their numbers strong.

Working as a united team, they created specialized campaigns that consist of:
> Posters, brochures and folders
> Radio and television advertising
> Print ads for newspapers and magazines
> Billboards, road signs and banners
> Videos for in-person presentations, DVD distribution and public access television
> Exhibit designs and Interactive kiosks for local community colleges and home shows

“The We’re The Ones materials and videos doubled our recruitment and delivered a quality and dedication far beyond our expectations.”

Frank Hutton, President
Committee for Volunteerism in Rockland County Emergency Services, Inc.

Hundreds of Volunteers Recruited Since its Launch

Rockland County’s 4-year program saw an increase in qualified recruits of almost 200% during the life of the program culminating in an unprecedented waiting list for Firefighting I classes. To help other Volunteer departments around the country, they’ve given given us permission to share their campaigns and materials with no licensing fees and no resale fees. From videos and web sites, to advertising and print materials; everything we created for them can be yours to use for nothing more than the cost of production.

“The Canned Fire program’s commercials are airing on our local television and radio, the posters are hung in our neighborhood storefronts and pamphlets are being distributed to all interested candidates. As an added bonus, within 24 hours of posting our new recruitment videos on our web site and YouTube, we had hits by interested parties. The community is now talking about us!”

Michael Chojnacki, Recruitment Officer
East Rockaway Volunteer Fire Department
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