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Recruitment Training Manual

A full-fledged recruitment campaign is a handful and never really ends. The basics are pretty straightforward… Target your audience – target your message – then get that message in front of that audience. Simple, right? But, there are dozens of ways to skin a cat. Print ads, commercials, web site and videos, road signs, press releases, live events, etc, etc, etc…


Some Recruitment Officers are real pros who understand just what it takes to run a full-fledged marketing campaign. (That’s what recruitment is all about, really.) They’ve been down this road long enough and often enough to understand the best way to get that word out.

Others are new to the task and don’t know which way to turn. How do you write a press release? How do you get it published? Brochures? Okay, now what? Hold an event? How do you get people to show up? What are the best ways to follow up with interested candidates? The list goes on and on.


FREE! Easy to understand ‘How-to’ Manual

We compiled this manual for Rockland County, NY last year. It includes advice from recruiters who’ve ‘been there and done that’ and are willing to share they’re hard-gained knowledge with you. It’s free and available for download right now.

When you order our materials we customize the manual for you, showing your materials, listing your area’s media outlets and contacts – all the little details that make your area special. But the basic book is yours free. Right now. Really.

Click here to download the PDF: We’re The Ones – Recruitment Manual